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To blog or not to blog that is the question………………….

3 Nov

OKAY…………this is now my third attempt at my first blog entry (I’m not really sure where they are going?)  My first attempt was a little witty, you will just have to take my word for it as it seems now to be completely lost in cyberspace.  My second was just trying to remember the first and as I was typing I found myself thinking this was funny the first time…………

Third attempt now, should just get straight to the point and publish it before it disppears on me – I am finally getting around to starting a blog, it will be mostly cake related – hopefully someone will read it, it my just end up as a way to kept me sane especially after a HUGE caking week like the one I have ahead of me.

I will add that I  have spent hours trawling through the countless amounts of themes available only to decide on the very first one and still cannot work out how to add my logo to my blog – stay tuned this could get interesting………..not likely.

Also my first attempt had more to do with the title of this entry……….